Wound Treatment

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After determining our goals of wound treatment (healing, maintaining, or comfort/palliative), we need to choose a treatment that meets the needs of the wound and the patient.

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exudate management

By Hy-Tape International

Chronic venous insufficiency disease and resulting venous leg ulcers are serious and common conditions, particularly among older adults. More than half of lower extremity ulcers are caused by venous insufficiency disease. In a diseased venous system, the patient’s venous pressure will not be reduced on ambulation. This sustained pressure can lead to venous ulcerations and other complications.1,2

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Strategies for Infection Prevention

by the WoundSource Editors

Effective wound management and the prevention of infection for patients with wounds are not only key to wound improvement, but also to avoiding a slide into a state of chronicity. Unfortunately, many wounds that start out simple turn into chronic wounds because of the complications associated with comorbid conditions and secondary infection. Approximately 6.7 million patients in the United States are affected by chronic wounds, and the pervasiveness of these wounds and their connection to other chronic illnesses are underappreciated. That said, estimates for treatment costs are in excess of $50 billion annually.1

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